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In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the living standard of residents in the majority of villages and towns has been increasingly improved, which has gradually changed the life of self-sufficient small farmers. There are also more and more kinds of garbage with increasingly complex components. The river channels, ponds and streams in villages and towns are full of colorful garbage. The dumping of household garbage has caused serious damage to the environment and ecology, affected the quality of people"s life, and restricted the sustainable development of the economy to a certain extent. It is extremely urgent to take corresponding environmental protection measures for villages and towns.

We provide is not only environmental protection garbage high temperature pyrolysis disposal equipment, more hope that through our efforts for the new rural construction to provide advanced technology, economic applicable environmental protection solutions, make rural residents living in a "cloud-covered mountains and people, say, an infinite good" livable environment.

Company profile:

Nanjing weihao environmental protection technology co., LTD is an environmental protection technology enterprise committed to the research and development, manufacturing, engineering design, production and installation of waste harmless treatment equipment. In line with the principle of "energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon, environmental protection, health, benefit to mankind", the company closely follows the new trend of international environmental protection technology development, and is committed to providing advanced low-carbon environmental friendly household waste harmless treatment equipment. We always adhere to the strategic policy of "survival by quality and development by reputation", make bold innovations and establish extensive and close technical cooperation relationship with southeast university and other domestic universities. The company insists to satisfy the customer as the center, provides the first-class product, the first-class service for the customer, devotes to the energy saving emission reduction, the low carbon environmental protection willing research and development, the production and the sale.Companies to introduce

The company has 58 employees, including r & d department, production department, sales department, purchase department, finance department, storage department, logistics department, etc. The company covers an area of 14000 square meters.

In order to adapt to the changing needs of the waste disposal market, we will be based on the development of new technology, new technology, new products, the technical route is reasonable, innovative. The implementation of this project not only pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, but also turns waste into treasure while scientifically treating waste, and generates good economic benefits in environmental protection, land conservation and energy recycling. It is an "energy conservation and emission reduction" circular economic model that reduces waste treatment costs. It is of practical significance to reduce the pressure of garbage disposal, reduce the environmental pollution caused by garbage and improve the technical level of environmental treatment. Our product development, design is the economy, long-term, to protect raises a gender as a starting point, professional design and manufacture and keep pace with The Times of the process design, enables us to provide a flexible and has a good cost-effective products, to facilitate the production, installation, persistence, maintenance, continuous complete production chain, layers of strict examination, means that the customer is able to acquire the safe and reliable products.

We keep an eye on, return visit regularly or deal with relevant technical problems timely according to customer requirements.

We train equipment users and system maintenance professionals for customers, and ensure long-term and normal operation through regular system testing and maintenance.

Our goal is to ensure the proper operation of our customers" systems through our leading products and professional services, and we will continue to pay attention to the operation and use of our customers" systems.

Our leading products include: rural household waste incinerator, medical waste incinerator, industrial solid waste incinerator, animal carcass incinerator, straw incinerator, waste heat utilization incinerator, etc. We can also customize various types of incinerators according to your requirements.

Main business: executive standard:

Township waste incinerator "domestic waste incineration pollutant control standards" gb18485-2014

Medical waste incinerator "hazardous waste incineration pollution control standards" gb18485-2001

Technical requirements for medical waste incineration (trial) gb19218-2003

Animal carcass incinerator technical conditions of small incinerator jbt10192-2012

Household waste incinerator and waste heat boiler GB/ t18750-2008

Technical specification for domestic waste incineration treatment engineering gjj90-2009

Product production technology is granted by the state intellectual property rights to use emerging technology patents; The patent name is "waste incinerator and flue gas purification and treatment equipment that can achieve zero dioxin emission".

Welcome local environmental protection departments, investors, interested in the cause of environmental protection to visit guidance, call advisory.

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